Chef's suggestions

Suggested aperitif

Bloody orange 10,50

(Saint Germain / Hendrickx Gin / lime / Ginger Ale / Blood orange)

Tournée minérale mocktail : Moscow virgin 8,50

(Ginger Beer / Ginger Ale / Lime / almdudler / mint)


Young french pigeon / peas / pumpkin 17,50

Small bowl of Zeeland mussels 16,50

Spring roll with scampi / fine cut vegetables 15,50

Chicory soup / smoked duck breast snippets 9,50

Main dishes

Lamb shank / zucchini / carrot / potato wedges / lamb gravy 26,50

Bouillabaise “Brasserie” / pommes chateau 27,50

Slow-cooked veal rib-eye / zucchini / sweet potato / carrot cream / croquettes 28,50

Whiting fillet / mangetout / green asparagus / cherry tomato / lettuce soup / puree 26,50


Tarte-tatin / thyme ice cream 9,90

Lime-yogurt mousse / almond biscuit 9,90

We would like to take into account your special wishes, possible diets and allergies. The composition of our dishes can change.

To be able to provide you with the best possible service, we kindly request for groups of 8 or more to limit their different choices to a maximum of 4.

Thank you for your understanding.

Small appetite


Tapas "Brasserie" grissini with Ganda ham, dried tomatoes, olives, pecorino cheese, chorizo

Mix of 15 warm snacks : Calamari, fried scampi tails, 'bitterballen' , 'vlammetjes', fried chicken drumsticks

Bruschetta with tomato / garlic / onion

Assortment of cold meats "Brasserie"

For children up till age 12

kid's tenderloin with fries

Kid's burger with fries

Chicken breast with applesauce and fries



Pancakes (between 15h et 18h)

Sugared pancakes

Pancakes with syrup

Pancakes with jelly

Pancakes with ice-cream and warm chocolate sauce

Crêpes Normande flambéed with Calvados

Lunch (Until 18h.)


Homemade lasagna

Spaghetti bolognaise

Vegetarian lasagna with goat cheese


Toast cannibale

Hamburger / bacon / Corsendonk cheese / salad / BBQ sauce / fries

Chicken wrap / salad / curry dressing

Authentic chicken Vol-au-vents


Salade niçoise with grilled fresh tuna

Salade "folle"
(goose liver / scampi tempura / smoked salmon / Ganda ham)

Salad with tiger prawns
(smoked salmon / mango dressing)

Goat cheese salad
(bacon / apple / honey dressing)

Liege salad
(glazed pork belly / fried potatoes / green beans / mustard dressing)

Salade Grand-mère
(bacon / chicken / mushrooms / soy sprouts)

Canadian lobster "Belle-Vue" (600 gr)

Our salads are served with bread


Tomato cream soup

Consommé of grey shrimp and tomatoes

Terrine of goose liver / brioche / figs / white onion chutney / speculaas

Beef carpaccio / parmesan flakes / pine nuts / arugula / balsamic cream

Twice tuna / tartare / crunchy / granité of apple and Hendrickx gin

Fried scallops / soy sprouts / leek / potatoe chips

Slow cooked pork belly / white cabbage-chicory salad / arugula / pickles dressing

Duo of cheese- and shrimp croquette

Tigerprawns "Brasserie" (spicy)

Tigerprawns with garlic butter

A selection of our entries (for 2)

Oysters nr°2 “Grevelingenmeer”

Oysters nr°2 “Florentine”

Main dishes

Meat dishes

Steak tartare (raw or prepared) / fresh fries

Malines chicken / celeriac / pumpkin / cream of carrots / mushrooms / fried potatoes

Beef clod / onions / marrow bone / warm vegetables / Bordelaise sauce / fresh croquettes

Glazed lamb ribs / zucchini ratatouille / fried potatoes

Pork cheeks / warm vegetables / fresh croquettes

Beef at its best

Grilled rib eye "Hereford" aged 4 weeks (300gr.)

Irish tenderloin (250gr.)

With cream pepper sauce, bearnaise sauce, mushroom cream sauce or sauce "Brasserie" and homemade fries


Tigerprawns "Brasserie" (spicy) / fresh linguine

Tigerprawns with garlic butter / fresh fries

Giant gambas / fresh salad / tartar sauce / fresh fries

Cod fillet (skrei) / spinach / zucchini / dried tomatoes / white wine sauce / puree

Fried sole / salad / fresh fries

Fried sea wolf on skin / carrot / leek / zucchini / puree / shrimp mousseline sauce

Canadian lobster (600gr) / oriental vegetables / noodles / consommé of grey shrimp / ginger / lemongrass

Grilled tuna / bok choy / soy sprouts / cherry tomatoes / rocket-eggplant pesto / fresh linguine

Fish stew "Brasserie" / puree


Spaghetti with forest mushrooms / fresh winter truffle

Vegetable lasagna with goat cheese

Quinoa / mushrooms / pesto of rocket / fine cut vegetables / hummus

Side dishes

Housemade mayonnaise

Fried mushrooms

Mixed salad

Chicory salad

Warm spring vegetables


Cheese plate “De Brasserie”

House made tiramisu with "Speculaas"

Chocolate mousse

Crème brûlée

Apfelstrüdel with vanilla ice cream

Poached pear / pistachio ice cream / cream of "Speculaas"

Dessert palette

Homemade ice cream

Coupe vanille

Coupe dame blanche

Coupe advocaat

Coupe brésilienne

Coupe mocha

Coupe chocolate

Banana split

Trio of sorbets

Café Glacé

Kids ice cream

Mocha or vanilla milkshake

Banana milkshake

Chocolate milkshake


Hot chocolate sauce